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The MyMasjid platform provides a payment gateway for you to receive information/donations from MyMasjid members from all over the world.


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Managing the mosque is now EASIER with MyMasjid

MyMasjid is one of the advanced solutions created by the leading Malaysian ERP solutions, OfficeCentral.

Global Donation Platform

Enable your mosque / organization to receive donations from MyMasjid members from around the world.

Integrated Accounting Module

MyMasjid's Integrated Accounting Module facilitates your accounting management more quickly and systematically.

Manage Your Member Database

Now your member management is neater and organized by using the MyMasjid Member Database module.

MyMasjid Member Portal

Each of your members can log in to the MyMasjid Member Portal to donate and get services provided by MyMasjid.

Ready to UPGRADE your mosque management?

MyMasjid Modules are Specially Designed For Your Mosque

MyMasjid integrates zakat management & donation platform in one system.

  • Online Donation Platform

    Contribute online & accounting transactions are generated automatically

  • Easy Qurban Management

    Monitor participant registration, online payments and generate certificates faster

  • Khairat Kematian Initiatives

    Manage fee collection, payment to heirs & members efficiently

  • Special Portal Qariah

    The best platform for qariah members to interact with other qariah members

  • Announcement of Activities & Events

    Explore activities/events created by mosques/organizations around the world.

  • Automated Dashboards and Reports

    Now the mosque does not need an Accountant's skill. Dashboards & reports will be created automatically by the system.

What Do You Get With MyMasjid?

The MyMasjid platform is specifically built as a mosque and surau solution!

Monitor Transactions Anytime

AJK can continue to check reports using the Revenue and Expenses data.

Online Access

You may now control your mosque from anywhere and at any time by using a mobile device.

Different Roles

AJK and Qariah members can have different access and modules in MyMasjid.

Dashboards & Reports Prepared Automatically

MyMasjid is designed for Mosque committees who are not accountants. You just need to know what is revenue and what is expenses. Accounting transactions will be performed automatically by the system. Dashboards and reports will be created automatically by the system.

Automation - Saves Up to 100% of Committee Time

We know that the majority of mosque / surau committees are volunteers. They don't have a lot of time to handle mosque/surau accounts. MyMasjid has an automated method that can save AJK up to 100% of their time.

What Do MyMasjid Users Say?

"The MyMasjid system is ideal for mosque management. It's simple to use and completely free. Thanks to MyMasjid."


"The modules and functions provided facilitate the work of the mosque committee, again the accounting section."


"All mosques in Malaysia should start using MyMasjid because everything needed is already in one system!"


No Payment Needed

Yes! Mosque committee can use MyMasjid for FREE!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Payment Gateway is used for payment in Malaysia?

MyMasjid uses the ToyyibPay payment gateway for users in Malaysia.

6. What Payment Gateway is used for payment in Indonesia?

MyMasjid uses the payment gateway "IPAYMU" for users in Indonesia.

2. What Payment Gateway is used to receive payments from abroad?

MyMasjid uses the "Scribe" payment gateway for users outside Malaysia. Payment by credit card.

7. How many AJK people can use MyMasjid?

MyMasjid gives access to 10 mosque committee members as admin level.

3. How many qariah members can use MyMasjid?

MyMasjid gives access to all parishioners to enter MyMasjid (unlimited).

8. How much does the MyMasjid usage license cost?

For the mosque committee, the user license is RM80 / month. There are 10 licenses given to mosques.

4. Can a member sponsor the cost of mymasjid?

Members can sponsor the cost of mymasjid by making an online payment. There is a click link for payment by the sponsor

9. Can a corporate sponsor sponsor mymasjid?

Usually corporate sponsors will sponsor many mosques. Separate sponsors can sponsor online. The sponsor can also contact the MyMasjid team for a face-to-face meeting.

5. Is training using mymasjid provided?

MyMasjid provides Trainers. The training cost is RM1,000 for one mosque.

10. Is there training on how to use MyMasjd online?

MyMasjid has provided many videos for the use of mymasjid. This video is freely available through YouTube.

"Every kindness is charity..."

Our goal is to help mosques, suraus and other organizations to manage and operate their organizations efficiently.

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